The Many Adventures of April

Today was my first day that all of my babies were at school full time.  I cried the day that N went to school for a few hours in the morning.  Today I was kinda numb.  It was wierd not having them there when I got in.  It was so strange.  I don’t think I was ready for the change.  I knew it was coming but you can only prepare yourself so much. 

On top of that there was a shooting and a police officer died.  I worry about that all the time. 

So on top of the emotions of the babies all going to school than I had that emotions.  I am sure that I will start to get used to the quiet house but for a while it will still be wierd!


Posted on: April 20, 2012

I am so excited!!!  I went last night and got my books to hand out on April 23rd for World Book Night.
So what is World Book Night you might be asking, well it is an event to “Spreading the love of reading from person to person.”  That is how it is described on the website and I love that description.  What happened is I was reading a book blog that I follow and it was talking about World Book Night.  2 days later was the deadline to fill out and submit the application.  So I filled it out and got chosen to be a “book giver”, I get to give out the book Bel Canto by Ann Patchett.  This is the first World Book Night that has taken place in the United States.  It start in the UK in 2011.

I agreed when I was chosen that I would give this book to people who might not be regular readers.  I am really excited to get to give this book out to others.  I really liked the book.  If you have a chance and have not picked it up check it out.  Also look for really great World Book Night activities going on around you.  You can find the information about at the website and be sure that you sign up to help next year.


Day #6

Posted on: September 7, 2011

I owed a friend some money from the apple orchard that we went to last week, it seems that the orchard did not take debt cards, I don’t carry cash and the ATM was out of order.  So a friend who was also there loaned me the money so that the kids and I could pick some apples.  Of course, her boys and her helped a lot with picking those.  So I got paid yesterday and I dropped the money I owed her off to her.  I remembered that she is saving money to go on a mission trip to Hungary (which I am jealous of), so I figured instead of just the money I owed her I would give her a few extra dollars to put into her fund.   She was so excited that she actually texted me back and thanked me for the money.  I
was so happy to help her, she is a wonderful friend and I am so excited for her experience. And happy I can help her active it.

Day #5

Posted on: September 5, 2011

Since I had the time today, I figured I would go ahead and print off the coupons that I wanted from the internet today.  I try to do this when I have the time to actually sit down and think about what I might be using.  So while, I was printing them off today, I came across a few baby ones.  We don’t have a baby in my house, but I have a friend who is getting ready to have a baby and my cousin’s girlfriend is also pregnant.  So I figured I would take the time and print each of them off the coupons.  I figure if I can’t save on that product why not help others save on it.  Especially since it is things I am sure they will need, such as bottle, pacifiers, and clothes.   My friend was so excited when I dropped the coupons off, she said they had just realized that of all the things they got at their baby showers they only received 3 bottles, thus, they were going to have to run out this week and get them.

It’s amazing that using something I do every week or once a month can help a friend.

So as I stated before part of my husband’s job is to go to different sporting events at the school he works at.  Not only does he have to go to the sports that he writes about but he also has to go and help out with stats at the other games that are happening.  I usually get kind of ticked about all the time that we spend at these games.  Today was another one of those days were I would have rather been at home but was at a soccer game instead.  However, today I decided to take a different approach to going.  I decided not to complain about the fact we were there and how much time it was taking out of our schedule.  I figured that would be my gift to my husband today.  I can’t believe how much more enjoyable it made the game for both my husband and I.  Plus, we did not hear a word out of the girls about not wanting to be there.  It shows that your attitude really affects others around you.

On the way to my husband’s work every Sunday there is a man standing at the big intersection selling the Sunday papers there.  He sells them for $1.50 a piece (the same as the gas station) but it is more convenient to be able to just hand the money out the window verses getting
out of the car.  Most Sunday’s when we are going that way I buy a paper from that person.  Today however, I decided that I would let him
keep the 50 cents that he would have given me in change.  He actually looked pretty surprised, but I hope that helped make his day.

I can’t wait to see what tomorrow will bring!!!

Day #3

Posted on: September 3, 2011

I was trying really hard not to turn this into a day into giving a gift to myself day.  But that is what happened to a majority of it.

It is the start of college football season, and we are HUGE football fans in our house.  Plus, today was the first game of the season for University of Michigan (my favorite).  I decided that no matter what I was going to get everything I needed to get done around our house by 3:30pm today, so that I could sit in a chair and watch the game without feeling guilty for what I could be doing.  Well that is exactly what I
did.  I finished the dishes, took out the trash, made an apple crisp, and started the laundry all before my 3:30 goal.  I figured since I was done with
all those kinds of things, I would make a quick run to Meijer since laundry detergent was a good price and I have a coupon (I am starting to get much more into couponing).

While at Meijer I was getting in line with my few groceries, when I noticed a women coming up behind me with about a half of a cart full and a crying child.  I figured I might as well let her go ahead of me I understand what a crying kid can do to your nerves in the grocery store.  The look on her face was priceless, she seemed so relieved not to have to stand behind me.  She probably said “Thank you” 100 times.   I told
her not to worry, that I understood about having crying children.

My gift for the day was to give my girls a “girl’s only day”.  We have these sometimes when my husband is gone but usually it is interrupted by phone calls or text messages.  However, today was TOTALLY different.  We finished our errands as soon as we got up, then went to lunch and then to finish getting our schools supplies.  Ok, so not the most fun thing we did all day.

But then we came home, put our school supplies away and then decided to get out some craft supplies and make some friendship bracelets and make a note for each of the girls grandma’s.  They LOVED it.  After we were done and had put them in the mailbox to mail them. The whole time I did not answer my phone or answer any texts and we did not turn on the TV.  We made our crafts and we laughed and remembered other fun things we had made together.

My husband works for the University of Detroit Mercy as a sports reporter.  We try to go to as many athletic events as we can.  My husband and I feel like we need to expose the girls to different sports and look up to the athletes as role-models.  Today, the cross country team was
running in a meet not far from our house, so we decided to join them at the course. My husband was not there to write about the results of the event but we decided to give our gift of time to the athletes.  At the end of the race when others started to walk away, we stayed and cheered the last runner into the chute.  I wanted the athletes to know that we were rooting for them no matter what place they came in.  Plus, I think it is a good lesson to teach the girls about sportsmanship.

I am so grateful for the time that I got to spend with my girls today.  I know that during the school year we get busy doing other things and it was nice to take the day and spend it with just us.

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