The Many Adventures of April

It’s Tuesday!!!

Posted on: March 30, 2010

I said that I would write on my blog everyday.  Because it never fails that something interested has happened in that day.  However, I seemed to have missed writing over the weekend.  That might be the fact that Jahsalynn is having some problems in school, like not turning in homework, PJ is working a TON right now and I just needed a break from the world for a minute.

I think that we took care of the whole situation with Jahsalynn.  Her and I had a long talk about what was going on.  Since she is with her mom during the week we sometimes don’t know what is going on and when she has homework or not.  She came up with the idea that if she doesn’t go to the 4th grade that she will not be allowed to go with us to NYC this summer to see her grandma, aunt and uncle.  Plus, she will continue to get 50 cents to put in her bank if she gets an excellent on her Friday report, if not she will give me 25 cents.  Which seems to be working too.

As for PJ, the girl in his office put in her 2 weeks notice, last Monday.  So he is slowly taking over her sports.  Thus, we have to be at all of them.  This weekend we ended up at men’s tennis, men’s lacrosse and women’s tennis.  The nice thing about it is that the girls are really good about going to this stuff with us.  Plus, they get to bring their equipment and play after things are over.  Which they LOVE.  But we still can’t do much afterward because he has to write the stories.

As for me I was just drained this weekend.  I am lucky to have the girls who can take care of themselves a little bit and PJ who steps up.  I did get the laundry done, now if I could just get it all put away.

Yesterday, A had school in the morning and while she is at school N and I went to storytime again.  I signed him up again for a storytime at the library on Monday mornings and he LOVES it.  It is nice because it is only him and I so we get that time to bond.  A and I worked on her counting again while N was sleeping, plus we worked on writing letters.  She is having a hard time with her 10’s, so we are working on them the most.  I got her a Scooby-Doo writing book, so she is really liking that and doing well at it.

It’s Tuesday and seems to be going well.  We have a board meeting for MPNA, which I am excited for.  I like to get together with Tara and Maria and we always laugh a lot.


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