The Many Adventures of April

What a week!

Posted on: April 9, 2010

So this has been a LONG week. 

I usually only work 3 days a week, usually Monday, Tuesday and then either Weds or Thursday.  But this was a week were I worked 5 half days.  Usually it is not really that bad, but since Sunday was Easter we had to take down the Easter cards, in all 4 stores and put up Mother’s Day.  Yeah it kinda sucked but at the same time, it is a nice chuck of change that I usually do not get.  Plus, my aunt and I always have fun.  Who would think that fixing and putting up cards would be so much fun.  So I did that in the afternoons on both Monday and Tuesday.

That was of course after I took A and N to the zoo with the other nannies on Monday morning.  We had so much fun.  There were 5 nannies and 11 kids all age 5 and under.  They were all so cute.  A and N LOVED it!  And both wanted to go back when we can feed the giraffes.  Plus, they LOVE to see their friends and it is so much fun to just hang out with the nannies for a while.  On Tuesday I walked into N having been up in the night which he never is.  Come to find out he has strep throat.  Which kinda sucked because we could not do anything then.  But it rained most of the week so we would have been stuck inside anyway.  By today (Friday) I was worn out!  It is amazing at how much your body gets into a schedule and then reacts to when it is screwed up.

On Tuesday night, we also got the girls back.  So on Weds they went to stay with my Aunt Judy while I was at work.  PJ had to go to a meeting about the Frozen Four (National College Hockey Championship).  Then on Thursday PJ and the girls were home in the morning until he had to leave for the Frozen Four, then they went to my Aunt Vicki’s for an hour.  She loves to see them so that was good.  PJ did not get home until about 1am from being at the games on Thursday night.  Then this morning the girls went to stay with my parents at their hotel room.  My parents came down for the Frozen Four.  They went out to breakfast with them and then went back and went swimming.  They had so much fun and Abby wanted to stay all day with Nana and Papa, but they all needed a nap. 

Tomorrow, we are all going to the Frozen Four.  PJ has to work but the girls, me and my parents all get to watch.  Abby keeps running around the house talking about how she is going to the hockey game.  I am excited to go.  I love hockey and so does my dad, so that is something that we have always bonded over.

So on Weds, I decided to make a chicken enchiladas that my Aunt Nancy always used to make.  I loved it when she made it.  So I remembered (so I thought) the stuff I had to put in the recipe.  I figured it was easy and I could do it.  Well I worked really hard cutting up the chicken, cooking it, putting taco seasoning on it, and making it into the enchiladas.  So I poured the cheddar cheese soup on the top.  The whole time PJ kept saying he would not like it, he was not going to eat it.  But I final convinced him when it came out of the oven.  Well, I put some on my plate and the girls plate and he made a plate.  When I sat down to eat it, I almost spit it out.  It was so gross and bland.  I was horrified!!!  I am sure my Aunt is looking down at my yelling at me for screwing up her recipe.  Well I called my mom and what she said is to use Nacho Cheese soup.  Which I did not realize they even made.  This is the kind of stuff that happens when you can’t cook.  I am still not sure how I did not get that gene.  Both my parents are AWESOME cooks and so is my brother and sister.  How did it miss me???

I will be adding lots of photos very soon.  Just have to figure out how.

Have an awesome weekend.


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