The Many Adventures of April

When it rains it pours

Posted on: April 19, 2010

I am sure that we have all either used that expression or heard someone else use it.

However, I feel like that is truly the way to sum up my last week.  Everything was going great and then it all seemed to CRASH down!

On Thursday, PJ called to tell me that the girls mom needed us to pick them up from day care because she had to go to the hospital (which is like an every week thing).  So I went to get them after having all ready had plans for Thursday night to meet with the MPNA nannies for coffee.  So I took the girls to the track meet where he was.  Jahsalynn ended up staying with him but Abby came with me.  Which is kind of a little distracting.  On Friday, the only had a half day anyway so I just kept them home with me.  As I was putting my computer back on the desk after using it on Friday night, the whole thing just died.  Which made me mad because I just had the whole thing wiped out.  So I am not sure what we are going to do about it.  But next week when I am off all week.  I know I am going to want it.

On Saturday, my mom and sister came down to stay with the girls so that I could go and scrapbook all day.  Which was so nice to do.  My friend who worked with me at Childtime.  It was so wonderful to see her and so great to get some scrapbooking done.

Then yesterday I woke up and could not stop itching all over my body.  So that was frustrating.  Today, the itching is not nearly as bad.  So maybe whatever it was is stopping.  That would be so nice.

Maria and I are going tonight to help out at this used prom dress place.  We are very excited and we should have lots of fun.


1 Response to "When it rains it pours"

That mother and sister of yours, they are truly wonderful for staying with those adorable girls for a few hours. 😉

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