The Many Adventures of April

Having a rough day

Posted on: April 22, 2010

Yeah! I am having one of those days.  Actually the last 2 days have been horrible. 

Yesterday, was my last day of work for a week and a half.  They are going on vacation and I will miss my little ones like CRAZY!!!  Then on the way home I got an e-mail from my dad saying that my best friend’s grandpa died.  He is 91 years old but it is still hard.  Especially since my best friend is in Rome and can’t come home for the funeral.

Today started out as a good day.  I worked with my aunt this morning.  Then we went and had lunch with my grandparents.  Which is nice.  I got all my grocery shopping done, which is always nice.  Though I do not like the new set-up for the Kroger I shop at.  We’ll about 3:30 PJ called me to tell me he was coming home.  He is now laying in bed watching the NFL Draft with a fever that is not coming down.  On top of that I forgot that Abby’s Parent-Teacher Conference was today.  We missed it.  I am feeling a little bit like a failure right now.  Abby needs us to be there and I let her down tonight.  Plus, I can’t help but feel bad for the fact that I can’t help PJ feel better either. 

I can only pray that tomorrow will be better.  If not I am not sure what I will do.


2 Responses to "Having a rough day"

All will look brighter in the morning. Abby is just fine, and you can always schedule a time for you and PJ to talk with her teacher alone.
PJ will be fine, he just needs to REST, take motrin, and fluids. You can always call your mother for advice (she is a very wise woman, you know). Her current advice is to go to bed, and get some sleep, morning always brings a brighter perspective on things.

Your doing a great job with the kids. Try to turn the coleman worry gene off. thanks for helping me Lyls aunt Vic

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