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Happy Mother’s Day (2 days later)

Posted on: May 11, 2010

So I know that I am 2 days late with this post, I know.  But I had to say Happy Mother’s Day to all the mother’s out there.

As for my Mother’s Day it was wonderful.  PJ and the girls got me a computer and a folding chair that comes in a bag.  My other computer died.  It was a horrible thing and me and PJ trying to use the same computer is HORRIBLE.  As for the chair, I wanted one so that I could go with PJ and watch him umpire.  Some of the fields do not have stands.  We went to my grandma’s for dinner and to celebrate Mother’s Day.  It was really nice and great to hang out with everyone.

As for the rest of the weekend it was ok.  Jahsalynn was in trouble for not finishing a project so we had to make an Indian Village.  The girls and I had a lot of fun making it and putting it together.  But I was really upset because she had this project for about a month and just never brought the paper home so that we could start it.  It was in her desk the whole time, which has been a problem in the past.  So PJ decided that if it happens again and we find out, then she will have to bring everything out of her desk home on Friday’s.  That way we can see exactly what is in it.  But I am thinking that maybe on Friday’s when I go and pick them up, I will have to go in and look though the desk.

Abby got a new bike.  She had a bike but we could not figure out how to get the training wheels on it and then I bought some training wheels and those would not fit on it.  So we just broke down and bought a bike that had training wheels on it.  It is a Hello Kitty bike and it is all pink and purple.  It is cute, it has a little seat on the back so that she can carry her babies in it.  So now she always has to have a baby in it.  It is really cute.  Her, Jahsalynn and PJ went for a ride around the block and she loved it.  She is getting really good at it.

On Saturday, I went with 2 of my nanny friends to see the movie “Babies” and out to dinner.  It was such a nice cute movie.  It showed 4 different babies and how they are different yet, how they are the same.  It was a really cute movie and it was nice to be able to get out.  When I got home Abby comes to me right as I walk in and says “Don’t ask what we got you as a present, Daddy says I can’t tell you.”  It was so cute.

So as an end to my entry, I want to say I am lucky to have my girls and PJ.  And lucky to have all the mother’s in my life.


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PJ and the girls are just as lucky to have you. You make your mother proud. 🙂

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