The Many Adventures of April

Family Picture Fun (not!!!)

Posted on: May 15, 2010

So we had our first ever family picture taken today.  IT WAS HORRIBLE!!!  I am sure they got some good pictures but Abby was HORRIBLE!!!  I am not sure what happened but one minute she was ok then the next she was crying. 

Abby is not a good stranger person.  She gets really shy and clingy.  So she had never met the photographer and her husband.  So she was not letting them do anything with her.  She would stand up by herself, she would not do anything that they asked her to.  Well all of the sudden after about 10 or 15 mins she started crying and would not stop.  We tried everything but she just would not.  So I am not sure how the rest of the photos came out but I hope a few will be nice.


1 Response to "Family Picture Fun (not!!!)"

I’m not good with family pics, either…LOL

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