The Many Adventures of April

Lots of craziness

Posted on: May 22, 2010

Lots of craziness has been going on here at the Gradowski house. 

We just have 1 child this weekend, that being Abby.  Jahsalynn decided she wanted to spend some time with her mom.  Which is ok with us.  We just miss her.  Plus, I was scared that she was mad at me for telling her that if she did not turn in her homework no more time that I would be taking her bike.  But no I guess it was just the fact that she wanted to spend time with her mom.  I do not think that the girls see their mom a lot during the week. 

Secondly, again things are happening with PJ’s family in NYC that we are only hearing about and can’t do much about.  That is kind of hard. 

But the best news of the weekend.  Mike and Meghan are engaged!!!  We are all so excited!  He proposed to her in South Haven at the Pier (it beats a ring in a cake in PA).  Abby told me however, that she did not want to be the flower girl that she wanted to be a princess.  Which we decided would be ok,  they are having a lot of people and Abby is pretty shy.  We would all like to keep all butt kissing and underwear shots to a minimum at this wedding. 

So out of craziness we are excited for Meghan and Mike!!!  YAY!!!


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