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Posted on: June 11, 2010

So I decided on Weds that my house is a mess and I need to get it under control.  I had all ready made a plan to throughly clean every room of the house this year, including the basement and the girls room (both of which I have been dreading).  so I was playing on facebook, instead of cleaning.  When I noticed my friend had commented about her cleaning on The FlyLady’s facebook page.  So I decided to investigate a little further.  Well come to find out it was a good idea to.    What she does is help you to establish a routine in your cleaning and getting yourself organized.  So I started with my first step yesterday, getting my sink shiny.  Yes, this required me to unload the dishwasher and then fill it back up and start it.  Well I got the sink shiny before I went to bed.  It felt really good because then I knew I was not waking up to a sink full of dishes.  So far I am doing very well.  However, it is only the second day.  But I found some really helpful tips on the website and her facebook page.  I am going to try to stick with this.

Plus, it has helped me make a few other decisions, like the girls tomorrow start a chore chart.  This is things that will have to be done either before bed or before they go home.  I figure if we start it now we will have the whole summer to get into this routine and it will help us all keep up on the chores around here.

I will let you know if I continue and how it is going.

Check it out!


8 Responses to "The FlyLady"

I am glad I could help. You got this!

That website seems really helpful! I always have trouble getting motivated to clean especially with the internet around :]

Hope it helps you out!


I love Flylady, and I’m so glad you found her! I love my routines – I’m so discombobulated without them. I even use a modified routine at work to keep things from getting too overwhelming.

I need to get back onto FLYLady. I used her when I had my apartment, but let it slide when I moved back home. My daughter never quite caught on and I need to get her to really start doing a structured set of chores. It’ll make our living space SO much better! I have also made it a personal goal to clean up! I’m trying to get rid of junk and create a less chaotic living space!

Hi April,

Fellow Michigander:) Thought I would post again on your blog since the first post I left on 6/9 didn’t seem to go through. It had said it was awaiting moderation? I’ve been trying to tackle our house as well. I had to move my mom last year and it was daunting to do a whole house. So going room by room is a good thing. Maybe one room a week? I do have closets that need a scrubbing. And I found a place in Detroit that recycle styrofoam! They also take colored glass.

take care
aka (beenebag)
Swapbot Check out my Blog!

Wow, just checked out that site and it definitely looks helpful. Our house regularly degrades to a condition which means I only invite over friends who I know also happen to be slobs. My husband and I both despise housework! I like the idea of having one major chore per day to make things manageable. I think today, the chore will be putting away all the clean clothes!

Thanks for the post!

– Megan
miditron on swap-bot

This sounds like the perfect site for me – I’m on my way over there now – fingers crossed it works for me too!

Carrie (kiwifruit83 on swapbot)

I’ve heard of flylady, I hope that you are doing well and keeping your sink clean 🙂

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