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Another month gone!

Posted on: August 1, 2010

Another month has gone!  I can’t believe it.  Time goes by so fast, it is ridiculous.

Next month, the girls will be going back to school.  My brother will not be back to Michigan until Thanksgiving.   Our nanny conference is just around the corner. 

I never realized how fast time goes and then you look back and it is gone.

The girls start school at the beginning of September.  They are going back to the same school but Abby will have a new teacher.  Hopefully she will do much better this year. 

Tim left yesterday to go back home to Dallas and will be not be back to Michigan until Thanksgiving.  We miss him but it was SO great to see him and be able to hang out with him. 

Nannypalooza is just around the corner and I am getting a little worried about it.  The sponsorship letters have not gone out neither have the agency letters.  Hopefully after our meeting tomorrow all will be good.  Plus, I am excited because we are continuing to get more and more nannies who want to join Michigan Professional Nanny Association.  Which is exactly what we wanted to happen. 

What a great month July was though.  Abby is getting bigger and had her 6th birthday.  My grandpa got his high school diploma (he had to leave high school to join the Marines to help take care of his family) and we had a high school graduation party for him.  Plus, my brother came for a visit.  Along with spending great time with the girls and the rest of my family. 

What a wonderful summer this is!  Going by fast but good!


10 Responses to "Another month gone!"

Nothing better than a good mommy blog. Looks like you had a great time on your vacay and kudos to your Grandpa for getting his diploma after all these years! Way to go!

Jessie (Uniqueeutopia @ swapbot)

hey, good luck with nannypaloosa!

mimitabby from swap bot

it’s hard for me to believe that it’s already august, this summer has gone by so fast. I hope the last months of summer goes well for you.

strandedhero @ swapbot

That is AMAZING that your grandpa finally got his diploma! How old is he? Was he (and the grandkids) tickled over the graduation party?

(thehappyhoneybee on SB)

HUGE congratulations to your Grandpa on getting his diploma. Way to go!! At my Masters Graduation (I was 30-something at the time), the biggest cheer of the day went to an 80-year-old getting his Masters in History. I know studying is hard work and gets harder the older you get, so your Grandpa deserves a big pat on the back.
Are there any photos of him celebrating? Please post some on the blog!
Best wishes

Wolfeagle says: I feel the summer zooming by also. I turned around and July was gone……sneaky summer months. Thank you so much for partcipating in the Blog Me, Baby swap.

time passes fast.!

SB- blog me , baby swap.

Days are seem so fast. so make most of your time special.

have a nice day!

mslovender @ swap bot
I`ll be linking your blog to my page.

Neat Blog! This is homekeepingheather from swap-bot for the Blog Me Baby swap

Life IS short, isn’t it?! And the worst thing is that it only speeds by more as the years go by…ever decreasing in time…..

~ANKH (pumpkinniki)

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