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coupon book and such…

Posted on: August 8, 2010

So I lost my coupon book.  I am so upset.  I think I left it at the grocery store in the cart.  I am sure someone probably found it and thought they had hit the jackpot.  Due to the fact that it was full of coupons, probably $100+ of them.  So now I must make up for it and buy a paper every week to get some of the savings back. 

No one would have thought of me as a couponing person, I guess.  But now that I am starting it I can’t stop.  It is like a drug.  I wanna save as much money as I can.  However, at the same time I am not as crazy as some of the people who do it.  I only cut the coupons that I need, no way am I carrying around a bunch that I might or might not use.  Plus, there are alot for things that I would never use or think of anyone to give them too.  So I am just sticking to what I have been doing all along. 

Things are overall going well here.  Nannypalooza is coming together.  The girls are getting ready for school.  And I am working on getting all their school stuff bought for school.  Soccer season is starting for PJ which means that we will be at UDM a lot.  But the girls love to go there and watch the big girls play.  Jahsalynn has decided that she wants to play in the neighborhood league again.  Which will be good.  We have let them decide but we have wanted them to go back to playing.  Jahsalynn had a lot of fun with it last time.


3 Responses to "coupon book and such…"

oh I so hope you find your book…I know how attached you can get to your coupons! it is so fun to save money with them I have to say 🙂

I hope you find your coupon book too!!

Good luck with finding your coupons! Mine usually expire before I use them…

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