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What a day!

Posted on: August 16, 2010

Jahsalynn’s birthday was AWFUL!!!  Her mom was so mean to me, I did not do anything to her but she was always whispering and laughing at me.  It is horrible.  I have never done anything to her, if anything I have been WONDERFUL.  I could not have taken care of them like I have been doing.  It just sucks.

And then I went into work this morning and it was all made up for.  My babies were so cute.  A could not get N to wear anything except his fireman hat in her fashion show.  She was so mad and it was making me laugh so hard.  Then they were serving me snacks at it.  But N kept coming over to eat all of them.  It was great.

As for my coupon book I never did find it so I had to go out and get another one.  Thank you for the $1 bins at Target, I found the same one only this one is purple so it can’t get much better.


4 Responses to "What a day!"

Cheer up kiddo. Jahsalynn’s birthday was not the problem, Jahsalynn’s mother was. Just continue to treat her the way you have. It may not be a pleasure, but it certainly is a positive influence on the girls. Love you.

I read this post a while ago and felt that I had to say that you and pj are the most positive influences in J and A’s life. You love them and that’s what really counts and you put aside your personal comfort to be there for J’s bday. Her mother is clearly jealous of you in some way because you’re all so awesome as a family! You’re a gratious human being and that prevents you from sinking to her level! Love you, don’t worry too much about it. J loves you and that’s what counts, jld

It is obvious that J’s mom has a real problem. The best way for you to handle her is to be gracious. Remember you can create the world you want to live in.

peace & love,

Ariel17/Swap-bot/Blog Me, Baby

Not all can be won, but at least the awful day was balanced by awesome experiences later. Take care.

-MsRigby (via SB for Blog Me, Baby)

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