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Where were you?

Posted on: September 11, 2010

It is 9/11/01,  the day your children and grandchildren will look at you and ask where you were when you heard about the World Trade Center, just as we did with our parents and grandparents when JFK was killed or when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. 

So where were you? 

I was a freshman at Albion College.  I had been there a total of 2 weeks.  I was coming down the hall from my shower (gotta love community showers) when I heard someones TV on talking about it.  At the time (I am embarrassed to admit) I thought it was just a bomb like someone had planted there years before.  So I went to Spanish 101 (my first and only 8am class of my college career).  When my friend came to meet me to go to breakfast with her.  This is where we heard about it for the first time.  We almost ran back to my room to watch more about it.  As I turned on the TV this is when the 2 plane flew into the other tower.  I immediatly got on the phone with my mom, to see if she was watching.  They were all standing in her lobby watching it unfold.  That is when more and more people start coming into our room (it was the local hang-out).  I remember not knowing what to do, I think mostly because of shock.  I remember asking myself over and over “Who would do this?”  “Why did they do this?”  Not believing that someone could actually do that.  Kind of paralzed.  Many of our classes got cancelled that day but I remember going to my Into to Public Policy class (at that time I was a Political Science major), I went and all we did was sit and watch the “Big TV” (which is now the same size we have in our living room) in the student center.  That night on campus there was a GIANT candlelight vigil on campus.  It was nice to see everyone there, no matter what they believe or who they were.

That day changed so many things in the world.  Not until I married PJ (who is from NYC) did I realize how much I was unaffected by 9/11.  Yes, I have to go to the airport an extra hour because of security.  But I was not in NYC or have anyone on those planes or in those buildings. 

PJ was a junior at Quinnipiac in Connecticut.  His mom worked right next door to the Twin Towers at the post office.  She was leaving work as the first plane hit the building.  He did not hear from her for almost 4 hours that day.  When PJ’s mom talks about it, it really hits home at how much no one knew what was going on or what to think about what was happening.  That was a scary day for her and many other people who lived and worked in that area.


2 Responses to "Where were you?"

When I first saw it on tv, I was getting the oil changed on my moms car. Sitting in the waiting room, the tv was so small (and on mute) I remember thinking “why are they showing a video of that smoke stack?” I couldn’t even tell what it really was at first. Then everyone in the shop had stopped working on cars, made their way to the waiting room and turned the tv up. That’s when we watched th 2nd pane hit. I took the car home, without the oil change.

My mom had a dr. appointment in marshall, and we stil werent sure what was going on. After her appointment, we went to a small store and heard someone talking about a plane hitting the pentagon. Both of us said “no… there were 2 that his the Towers not the pentagon”. That’s when we found out about the 3rd attack!

We went home right away…. even more confused than before, and wondering what going on!! Back then, we had a few students that worked in our office, and one that had just graduated in May had a job offer in the Towers, I didn’t know if she had taken it or taken an offer she had in Chicago. I remember being really afraid she had went to NYC because she talked about it so often. I did find out later on that she had ended uip in Chicago!

Anyway, on the way home from Marshall I got called into work because, as you know, they were cancelling everything and putting together the candle light vigil, and we had no idea how everyone would be handling the news so they wanted extra staff around to help. That was the longest day ever at work! But I wouldn’t have wanted to be anywhere else.

I remember your call. I remember the confusion when no one knew what was happening. I remember that although you were all right there in town, hundreds of miles from New York City, Washington DC, and Pennsylvania, I wanted wanted my family together in the same place I was. It was a very sad day.

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