The Many Adventures of April


Posted on: January 30, 2011

Yes, I know that it is the end of January and that I have not written since before Christmas.  Somehow the last month seems to have gotten away from me. 

Oh wait I know how.  PJ working and traveling, the girls are busy, busy at work, book club, crafting, and so many other things that are just to many to mention.  Plus, on top of that add the holidays and people being sick.

The last 2 weeks have been especially stressful.  I am worried about PJ he is going though some pretty heavy stuff in his life right now.  He is not really the person to talk about it and I want him to be ok with it all.  And know that I am here if and when he needs me.  So last weekend the girls and I drove to Youngstown Ohio to spend the night with him.  The girls LOVE to stay in hotels and I think it helped that we had made the trip.  I also love to make these trips with him too.  It shows the basketball team, his bosses and the team coaches that as a family we are behind him.  Plus, it shows the girls what it is like to be a college athlete.  They really like the girls on the team and the team loves the girls. 

Put on top of that the fact that last week I got a cold, and I mean a cold.  I got to Youngstown and I am sure that I was running a fever.  On Weds and Thursday of this week I hardly had a voice.  N loved it!!!  Then on Thursday I was featured in a Nanny blog, so that everyone could read about me as a nanny.  It was so awesome!!!

Now on top of being sick still.  J came here on Friday and had the same cold.  I feel so bad because I know that I probably gave it to her.  She hardly slept on Friday night, and that is hard for a mom to deal with.

Hopefully, this week will be better.  Especially since I am sure it can’t go down a whole lot.


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