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3 years ago today…

Posted on: February 17, 2011

PJ and I were married. 

What can I say?  It was rainy which is better than it being cold (like it is in Michigan in Feb).  However, I can say that it was a wonderful day.  And nothing major happened (which is always nice)

Every wedding has a few stumbling blocks, but I have to say ours was wonderful.  But maybe it was because it was my wedding.  I am sure everyone says it about their own.

So more about that day…

We moved it up from the end of August until Feb.  because of my aunt.  I was nervous she would not be able to be there and that was one of the things I wanted more than anything.  The other being a chocolate fountain (that will come later though).  So the only weekend that PJ would be in town was the weekend of the 17th so we went with that.

PJ’s family came in on the Friday before the wedding and we had fun with them.  Including a UDM basketball game, dinner at IHOP and a trip to Chuck e Cheese. 

On Sunday, we woke up and it was raining (fun I know) but things got off to a good start.  Then PJ’s brother walked into the place we were having the wedding and the tux place had given him the wrong pants size.  My mom saved the day with a quick few sewing skills.  The wedding was beautiful except for the 3 year old who was laying on the floor crying and who keep walking up kissing PJ’s butt. 

The reception was wonderful!  We had more food than anyone would ever have needed.  Chicken Parm, spaghetti, salad, veggie tray, fruit and then we had cake and a chocolate fountain, plus all the goodies that went with it.  We ended up taking most of the cake home and eating it over the next week.  It was AWESOME though.  Plus, I have to say, we had GREAT food at our wedding.  PJ and I have gone back to the restaurant (1 Under in Livonia)

It was a wonderful day!!!

And has been a wonderful 3 years.  I am lucky to have married my best friend and the most wonderful person in the world!


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Happy Anniversary! I agree everyone thinks their wedding is the best…. because its ecactly what YOU want. Just the way it should be. I had always said ours didn’t have anything go wrong either and it was a while before I found out there were a couple problems, but our greatest friends in the world saved the day before we even knew anything was wrong. So to us, it was perfect!

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