The Many Adventures of April

Basketball, and Nuclear Radiation

Posted on: March 14, 2011

Unless you live under a rock, these are the things that you have been hearing about on the news.  Even if you never watch TV, the front page of the  Sunday Detroit Free Press had both of these in the headlines.

So to start with the first one, it is March Madness time.  Yesterday was the Selection Show, so my bracket is all ready.  I kinda like Kansas winning it all.  I think that the bracket they are in will show them off to be a good team and I think they can beat everyone in their bracket.  I know that Ohio State is the number 1 overall, but all my Maize and Blue blood could not let me put them winning it all.  Speaking of Maize and Blue, gotta love the fact that they got in.  Plus, you have to love the fact that you can watch every game on TV.

And now on the biggest story of the week, month and probably year!

Nuclear Radiation!!!

I have to be honest, it scares me.  I feel like we are watching a movie, however it is on the news!  I am worried about it.  I understand that this is different from the disaster in Chernobyl but I can’t help thinking that it could be the same if not worse. In Chernobyl in 1986 there was an actual explosion of the nuclear core inside the reactor.  In Japan just the buildings are having explosions.  I understand that they are working as hard as they can to get it under control however, that doesn’t make me feel much better about the whole thing.  I wonder how open the Japanese government is being with the whole situation, they are saying that they seem to have things under control however, they are evacuating people from a larger and larger area around the plants.

I guess another part of me is scared because this is not something I understand at all.  I am a smart person and know lots of stuff but there are still things I am finding I don’t have any idea about.  Nuclear power, radiation and reactors seem like something I would never care anything about and then something like this happens.  Maybe I can find the book Nuclear power for Dummies.


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