The Many Adventures of April

Day #2 (29 gifts challenge)

Posted on: September 2, 2011

My gift for the day was to give my girls a “girl’s only day”.  We have these sometimes when my husband is gone but usually it is interrupted by phone calls or text messages.  However, today was TOTALLY different.  We finished our errands as soon as we got up, then went to lunch and then to finish getting our schools supplies.  Ok, so not the most fun thing we did all day.

But then we came home, put our school supplies away and then decided to get out some craft supplies and make some friendship bracelets and make a note for each of the girls grandma’s.  They LOVED it.  After we were done and had put them in the mailbox to mail them. The whole time I did not answer my phone or answer any texts and we did not turn on the TV.  We made our crafts and we laughed and remembered other fun things we had made together.

My husband works for the University of Detroit Mercy as a sports reporter.  We try to go to as many athletic events as we can.  My husband and I feel like we need to expose the girls to different sports and look up to the athletes as role-models.  Today, the cross country team was
running in a meet not far from our house, so we decided to join them at the course. My husband was not there to write about the results of the event but we decided to give our gift of time to the athletes.  At the end of the race when others started to walk away, we stayed and cheered the last runner into the chute.  I wanted the athletes to know that we were rooting for them no matter what place they came in.  Plus, I think it is a good lesson to teach the girls about sportsmanship.

I am so grateful for the time that I got to spend with my girls today.  I know that during the school year we get busy doing other things and it was nice to take the day and spend it with just us.


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