The Many Adventures of April

Day #3

Posted on: September 3, 2011

I was trying really hard not to turn this into a day into giving a gift to myself day.  But that is what happened to a majority of it.

It is the start of college football season, and we are HUGE football fans in our house.  Plus, today was the first game of the season for University of Michigan (my favorite).  I decided that no matter what I was going to get everything I needed to get done around our house by 3:30pm today, so that I could sit in a chair and watch the game without feeling guilty for what I could be doing.  Well that is exactly what I
did.  I finished the dishes, took out the trash, made an apple crisp, and started the laundry all before my 3:30 goal.  I figured since I was done with
all those kinds of things, I would make a quick run to Meijer since laundry detergent was a good price and I have a coupon (I am starting to get much more into couponing).

While at Meijer I was getting in line with my few groceries, when I noticed a women coming up behind me with about a half of a cart full and a crying child.  I figured I might as well let her go ahead of me I understand what a crying kid can do to your nerves in the grocery store.  The look on her face was priceless, she seemed so relieved not to have to stand behind me.  She probably said “Thank you” 100 times.   I told
her not to worry, that I understood about having crying children.


1 Response to "Day #3"

Can I be stuck behind you in grocery store lines from now on?! It kills me when I have a few items, two screaming kids and this person with a full cart jumps in line right before me. Kills me!

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