The Many Adventures of April

Day #4 (29 gifts challenge)

Posted on: September 4, 2011

So as I stated before part of my husband’s job is to go to different sporting events at the school he works at.  Not only does he have to go to the sports that he writes about but he also has to go and help out with stats at the other games that are happening.  I usually get kind of ticked about all the time that we spend at these games.  Today was another one of those days were I would have rather been at home but was at a soccer game instead.  However, today I decided to take a different approach to going.  I decided not to complain about the fact we were there and how much time it was taking out of our schedule.  I figured that would be my gift to my husband today.  I can’t believe how much more enjoyable it made the game for both my husband and I.  Plus, we did not hear a word out of the girls about not wanting to be there.  It shows that your attitude really affects others around you.

On the way to my husband’s work every Sunday there is a man standing at the big intersection selling the Sunday papers there.  He sells them for $1.50 a piece (the same as the gas station) but it is more convenient to be able to just hand the money out the window verses getting
out of the car.  Most Sunday’s when we are going that way I buy a paper from that person.  Today however, I decided that I would let him
keep the 50 cents that he would have given me in change.  He actually looked pretty surprised, but I hope that helped make his day.

I can’t wait to see what tomorrow will bring!!!


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