The Many Adventures of April

Day #6

Posted on: September 7, 2011

I owed a friend some money from the apple orchard that we went to last week, it seems that the orchard did not take debt cards, I don’t carry cash and the ATM was out of order.  So a friend who was also there loaned me the money so that the kids and I could pick some apples.  Of course, her boys and her helped a lot with picking those.  So I got paid yesterday and I dropped the money I owed her off to her.  I remembered that she is saving money to go on a mission trip to Hungary (which I am jealous of), so I figured instead of just the money I owed her I would give her a few extra dollars to put into her fund.   She was so excited that she actually texted me back and thanked me for the money.  I
was so happy to help her, she is a wonderful friend and I am so excited for her experience. And happy I can help her active it.


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