The Many Adventures of April

People in my life

Here is a quick reference to the people in my life.

PJ is my wonderful husband.  Who knew I would have found someone like him.  He is a Sports Information Director (aka he is a sports journalist, but only for a certain college)  He works at University of Detroit Mercy, thus we are big Titans fan.  He grew up in The Bronx, really close to Yankees Stadium, so he is a HUGE Yankee’s fan.  He LIVES for sports and we watch almost any kind here.  He is also a big New England Patriots fan.

Jahsalynn is my oldest step-daughter.  She is the world to me.  She is a girly-girl who loves to play with dolls and dress up.  But she is a big fan of sports and loves to play them all, she is a great softball player.  It helps that dad works in sports.

Abby is my youngest step-daughter and a lot like her sister.  She is quiet and shy but loves to be around people.  Abby is also really into sports especially cheerleading and tennis.

The kids I nanny for are A and N.  I take care of them 3 days a week and we have lots of fun together.  I love watching them learn and grow.  A loves to draw and to play Scooby Doo.  N is really big into trains and cars. 

My parents live about an hour from us.  In the town I grew up in and the place I went to college.  They come and visit often and the girls LOVE having them around. 

My brother lives in Dallas, Texas and we miss him a lot especially the girls. 

My sister, Meghan and her boyfriend (soon to be husband) Mike live about 3 hours from us, so we do not get to see them often but the girls love them when they do get to come.

My grandparents and aunts live close to me, actually within like 2 blocks of us.  We see them often of course.  And we love them all.  We have lots of fun all together but it can get loud and overwhelming at times.

Tara and Maria are two of my nanny friends.  The 3 of us make up the Board for the Michigan Professional Nanny Association.  We are working hard at getting it all together and are excited to continue to help nannies find other support in the state of Michigan.


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